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Aimetis Employee Wins National Award at Computer and Robot Vision Conference

Best Vision Paper Awarded for fast early vision algorithm producing real-time, actionable results

Waterloo, Canada - 2014-05-20

Aimetis Corp., a global leader in intelligent network video management software, announced that a Senior Vision Developer has received ‘The Best Vision Paper Award’ at the 11th Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision, held last week in Montreal, QC.

The paper presented a fast early vision algorithm called grid seams which has huge implications for real-time applications in many industries including video surveillance. Grid seams allows the use of more sophisticated algorithms for real-time applications which were previously thought computationally infeasible. For example, grid seams will allow for better segmentation of people and cars in surveillance videos. Better segmentation can lead to more accurate tracking and search capabilities for physical security deployments.

Dr. Siva said he was “thrilled” at receiving professional and industry recognition by the Canadian Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Society (CIPPRS). The CIPPRS is a special interest group of the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) and is the national representative organization of the International Association of Pattern Recognition (IAPR). This conference focused on computer vision and robotics and held jointly with the artificial intelligence and computer graphics interfaces conferences.

“This award proves the value of research and development of computationally efficient algorithms for both academic research as well industry applications,” Siva said. “I hope this inspires other vision developers and researchers to push for state-of-the-art, real-time vision algorithms which can positively impact multiple industries”

Dr. Siva has more than 10 years’ experience in computer vision development, holds a Doctorate in Computer Science from Queen Mary, University of London and is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Waterloo. He works with a talented group of developers at Aimetis focused on the continuous improvement and development of industry leading video analytic algorithms.

“Aimetis is extremely pleased with Dr. Siva’s award. The work that he and others do on the vision side of Aimetis Symphony, our intelligent video management software, is critical to our success” said Mike Janzen, Chief Software Architect and Founder. “He and our vision team continue to design and develop tremendous product enhancements that continue to solidify Aimetis as a market leader.”

Über Aimetis

Aimetis Corp. ist ein Software-Unternehmen aus Waterloo in Kanada, das integrierte, intelligente Videomanagementlösungen für die Bereiche Sicherheitsüberwachung und Business Intelligence anbietet. Das im Jahr 2003 gegründete Unternehmen ist im Bereich intelligenter Videotechnik weltweit führend. Es bietet eine einheitliche Plattform mit integrierten Analysen, den niedrigsten Gesamtbetriebskosten und den benutzerfreundlichsten Produkten der Branche. Aimetis verfügt über Vertriebspartner und zertifizierte Partner in über 100 Ländern und beliefert eine Vielzahl unterschiedlicher Branchen, darunter auch den Einzelhandel und das Transportwesen.

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