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Aimetis to Present Crowd Detection Video Analytic at Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference

Aimetis and the University of Waterloo to present three papers on innovative video analytics including crowd detection and counting

Waterloo, Canada - 2016-06-21

Aimetis Corp., a global leader in intelligent video management software, today announced the acceptance of three papers on innovative video analytic algorithms at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2016 Conference from June 26 – July 1.

All papers accepted to be part of the conference were developed by Aimetis computer vision researcher, Dr. Parthipan Siva, in collaboration with Dr. Alexander Wong from the University of Waterloo’s Vision and Image Processing Research Group. The lead paper to be presented discusses the algorithm behind Aimetis’ upcoming Crowd Detection and Counting video analytics.

“The CVPR 2016 conference is our opportunity to present real-world applications of academic research and development that are helping the security surveillance industry take significant strides forward,” said Dave Thompson, Vice President of Engineering & Support at Aimetis, “Aimetis is at the forefront of this research, and turning that cutting edge research into practical industry-leading surveillance video analytics.”

As an industry leader in video analytics, Aimetis has had the unique pleasure of working in collaboration with Dr. Alexander Wong and his team at the University of Waterloo to develop embedded video algorithms. This collaboration has produced practical, real-world uses for state-of-the-art video algorithms that are changing the way Aimetis customers monitor and secure their property and assets.

“Having three papers accepted by the CVPR Conference is a nice accomplishment,” Dave Thompson continued, “Being part of the annual conference gives us the chance to show the strides in R&D that we are making as a company, and show that academic research is progressing enough to bring to market solutions such as Aimetis’ upcoming Crowd Detection video analytic.” 

One paper has been accepted to be presented at the Robust Features for Computer Vision workshop on June 26, 2016. Two additional papers will be presented at the Twelfth IEEE Embedded Vision Workshop on July 1, 2016. Those papers are Real-time, Embedded Scene Invariant Crowd Counting Using Scale-Normalized Histogram of Moving Gradients (HoMG) and Embedded Motion Detection via Neural Response Mixture Background Modeling.

Über Aimetis

Aimetis Corp. ist ein Software-Unternehmen aus Waterloo in Kanada, das integrierte, intelligente Videomanagementlösungen für die Bereiche Sicherheitsüberwachung und Business Intelligence anbietet. Das im Jahr 2003 gegründete Unternehmen ist im Bereich intelligenter Videotechnik weltweit führend. Es bietet eine einheitliche Plattform mit integrierten Analysen, den niedrigsten Gesamtbetriebskosten und den benutzerfreundlichsten Produkten der Branche. Aimetis verfügt über Vertriebspartner und zertifizierte Partner in über 100 Ländern und beliefert eine Vielzahl unterschiedlicher Branchen, darunter auch den Einzelhandel und das Transportwesen.

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